WELCOME 2022!!


With 2021 in the past and we are excited to see what 2022 brings. Here at Barnyard Bags, we have so much excitement and fun in store!

We have custom bags that come in three size, custom embroidery on towels, aprons and combo sets. AND NOW...... PARTIES!!! WHOOOHOO!

Want to host a party? Book an in person party or we can come to you in the comfort of your own home live via zoom.

Contact us by clicking on the arrow to your right! We look forward to hearing from you!

Lets party!! 

Since our bags and towels are made to order (though we do have some pre made ones available), we would love to chat with you. All custom orders come from you, so you are involved in the whole process, from design, fabric, size and handle choices. 

Please contact by either emailing or texting us at: 



There is only one: " YOUR BAG (or towels)  MADE YOUR WAY!"

Welcome to

Barnyard Bags 

Where style meets practicality. 

In late 2019, news hit that there was going to be an Oregon state plastic bag ban. Although we are located in Naselle, WA, we often shop in Astoria Oregon.

I brought out my sewing machine and got to work, designing heavy duty and stylish reusable shopping bags made from our chicken's feed sacks. Using scraps of fabric and haberdashery from my sewing room, I designed ways to make my bags stronger!

Barnyard bags was born!

Our bags are designed with function and durability; but we know that style and charm are a must.

We can put fabric on the inside or outside (most popular). Show your style and passion with your own fabric choice. If we can find the fabric, we can make the bag. We  use rope, webbing and once in a while the leftover bag material itself for handles, and we use grommets for extra strength.

The livestock feed sacks are usually 50lb, 25lb and 20lb sizes but we have also been known to use small treat bags as well. 

The feed bags are made with the polypropylene material, so clean up is a breeze.

Where do we get our bags??

Our local farmers and ranchers have been a huge help in getting Barnyard Bags where it is today. A local farm and garden store donated hundreds of bags.

Contact us for details and design ideas.




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